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Tony & Cheri are a couple of friendly American ex-pats living and working in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Given the recent violent incidents in Playa del Carmen, they have taken their time to write a very informative and objective post about the true situation regarding safety for tourists visiting Playa del Carmen.

playa del carmen safety | cancun is safe

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

“We think it is time to again talk truthfully about safety and crime in Playa del Carmen.

The two acts of violence which took place over the last month in Playa del Carmen raised questions in many people’s minds about safety in this area. Unfortunately many of the people answering those questions have no real information and simply offer their own negative opinions about Playa. So it is time to do several things: talk about the sad events of the last month, discuss the use of the internet by ignorant people to fan anti-Mexico fears, and offer sources where truthful and factual information can be found.

Owners of the Luna Blue Hotel in Playa del CarmenTony & Cheri have been living and working in the area for years; they are well known and trusted not only by other Americans and tourists from all over the world, but by the locals as well. We have the pleasure of knowing them for a while now, and we appreciate the effort they made to put some perspective into the situation.

“In the last few weeks we have experienced two very tragic events here in Playa. First was the killing of a man from central Mexico whose business was involved with drug gangs.

The second and even more tragic incident was the murder of the Chief of the Tourist Police. This branch of the city police is charged with patrolling the tourist/resort zone.

Those of us who live here in Playa have been shocked and saddened by these events. No one likes to hear of such violent acts happening in their home town. The government, the local community and the expats who are guests here have all strongly condemned these crimes.

However these events touch more than the local community. The thousands of tourists who visit here each year want to know what this means for them. In truth, it has very little effect on visitors.

These were not random acts of violence involving innocent tourists. No attempt was made to target tourists or the resort area. There is no evidence that these crimes are related to or represent some sort of burgeoning crime wave. These victims were specifically chosen for reasons which we do not fully know. What we do know is that these crimes did not target, involve or touch tourists, and we know that there has been no subsequent outbreak of violence around the city. In short, these are isolated incidents that do not represent a continued threat.”

playa del carmen safety | cancun is safe

Playa del Carmen: Safe for tourists.

Just like Tony & Cheri say, even though Mexico is undeniably going through tough times, resort areas such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen are safe for tourists and beautiful as always; we invite you to come and discover them. Take your time to explore this site, take a look at our infographics on safety in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and our Mexico Travel Warning Map.

Tony & Cheri end up their testimonial with some important reminders:

“Mexico isn’t for everyone. And those who are interested in coming here often have legitimate reasonable concerns. We neither ignore nor condemn those concerns. We only ask that people seek out responsible factual information when looking for answers to their questions.

We will end on a personal note. We have been living here in Mexico for over six years. Before that we were regular visitors to this area for another seven years. In that time we have never been the victims of a violent crime. We have never witnessed a violent crime. The worst thing that happened to us was the theft of a backpack left unattended on the beach six years ago.

We realize there is crime here, just as there was in San Francisco when we lived there. Crime is sadly a part of life everywhere. But to us, Playa del Carmen is still a safe wonderful place where the pace of life is slower and the Caribbean beckons with warm blue water. It is our home and we feel safe here. If that ever changes, our readers will be among the first to know.

To read the full, original article, please go to:

Safety & Crime in Playa del Carmen Mexico 2011: The Truth – Luna Blue’s PlayaZone

playa del carmen safety 2011 | cancun is safe

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Until next time, take care and stay safe! Warm regards from Cancun.

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