Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen


Sharks came to Cancun 400 millon years ago and people just 4 decades ago.
Bull sharks come in November to the Mexican Caribbean Sea, to stay within four months, they leave in March. Male sharks “Linger” meet in the north side near Cancun, female go further in the south after their reproduction, they follow warm and shallow waters located near the Mayan Riviera: Playa del Carmen. Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen is very popular and recognized worldwide.

diving playa del carmen

If you want to dive with Bull Sharks: 

Jacques Cousteau said, “The only predictable thing about sharks is that they are unpredictable”.
The bull shark species are classified as aggressive, many are afraid of them but there is no reason to have fear of them because they’re not likely to bother divers, of course, carrying the approppiate equipment, this can be an amazing experience. Their size is about 9 feet long and weigh over 500 pounds. They are located around sweet o salty water.
When diving with Bull Sharks is very likely that you look at them closely and even touch them, they are not shy at all. It is very interesting how they are not scared of us, Bull Sharks surround divers when they are close to them.
The best time to dive with Bull Sharks is in the morning, in the Caribbean Sea at Playa del Carmen. You will go 25 meters deep (82 feet), there are other places where you can dive and meet the Great Mayan Reef (World’s Second Largest).
Bull Sharks are one of the most feared animals of the ocean even though humans are not part of their diet.
However, diving near these animals is an experience more and more people want to do! Ready?


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