No tourists harmed in attack on bar in Cancun's outskirts

Spring Break Cancun 2013

Spring Break Cancun 2013

Dear friends of Cancun,

An unfortunate incident took place on Thursday, March 14 in Cancun: a bar located in the outskirts of the city was attacked by members of a drug gang, leaving a total of 7 people dead on the scene. While we condemn this and any other act of drug violence and offer our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased, it is important to put things into perspective.

No tourists were harmed in the attack. The bar is located in “Region 233”, an area at least 5 miles away from the beginning of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, much farther away from the bars and clubs area. The city of Cancun is divided into the Hotel Zone, Downtown, and the “Regiones”, which are areas located in downtown Cancun’s outskirts, very far away from the tourist areas. It is well known that some of the “regiones” are insecure, sometimes even locals avoiding them, let alone tourists.

See the following map and illustration for a visual idea of distances:

Cancun bar attack | cancun attack springbreak
Distance from bar to Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Distance from attacked bar to Cancun’s Hotel Zone: 7.6 kilometers or 4.7 miles. View map in Google Maps.


Distance from attacked bar in Cancun's outskirts to Hotel Zone

Illustration by Alma Noguez – Download this illustration in PDF

Spring Breakers currently enjoying Cancun are perfectly safe. Furthermore, a federal operative was recently launched to increase security in the Hotel Zone for spring breakers, bringing in additional police forces and even federal forces to patrol the area day and night, guaranteeing the safety of our visitors.

We feel very sorry for the loss of human lives and we are in no way trying to diminish this incident, but we think it is important to get the facts straight. We hope the federal government increases its efforts in fighting the drug gangs and that the perpetrators of this attack are brought to justice. Local and federal police forces as well as the army are already tracking down the attackers. We’ll release more information as soon as it becomes available.


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