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Is Cancun Safe? Welcome! We are “Cancun is Safe!” , an independent project to spread the word about the real facts and figures on safety in Cancun and Mexico. Created by a group of young Mexicans born in Cancun, we are working hard to show the world the real face of a place filled with magic, passion, and adventures.

Cancun, paradise in Mexico

Cancun, paradise in Mexico

We believe in a tourism project which has been recognized all over the world, not by organizations, but by the people. When was the first time you heard the word “Cancun”? Cancun is known worldwide for its wonderful turquoise blue warm sea, crushed-coral white sand beaches,  hard working people,  amazing nature, vibrant nightlife, and much more.

Today, with all the reports of drug violence in Mexico, you might be wondering about your safety when you visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya. We have prepared for you a lot of information to help clear your mind and show you the real facts and numbers about safety in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Cancun is so special that you have to come and experience it. Known worldwide as a place to rest, have fun, enjoy a spectacular nightlife, and receive a world-class service by thousands of hard working people that give their best smile every day to make sure your experience is unforgettable. Cancun is synonymous with happiness, pleasure, relaxation, and party. Have you experienced Cancun? We are sure you took home some of its white sand. Its impossible not to enjoy a barefoot walk at the beach, watching a beautiful sunset and getting lost in the magic that is Cancun.

Here, you will find 100% independent information about the current events and situation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Testimonials of tourists enjoying Cancun, videos, news, trip reports, and much more! Stories told by tourists that have lived the Cancun experience, plus also by the people that live and work in Cancun.

Come on in, take some time to explore our site thoroughly. Rest assured, Cancun is safe and waiting for you!



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