Why I Love Cancun: Video Testimonials


Dear friends,

We have been tirelessly reporting about safety in Cancun for tourists, but we understand that nothing makes a better impact than to hear it from your own people. People from all over the world that have trusted Cancun enough to move here to start a new life living and working in the Mexican Caribbean.

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Cancun, Mexico

Photo by Tongho58 

In this ocassion, we’d like to show you the video testimonials of Kelly McLaughlin (Canada) and Laura Winfree (USA), two great ladies that we have the pleasure of knowing. They have been here for quite a while and have much to say about the area for other tourists that might still have some doubts about safety and other issues.

So, without further ado, let’s hear it from them:

We encourage you to take your time to explore this site and read all the content that we’ve carefully prepared and selected. Ask other tourists as well as “ex-pats” living and working in the area; get informed, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are safe places to visit, don’t let fear and misinformation prevent you from enjoying these beautiful spots.

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Photo by Cristina Bruseghini

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