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A guest post by Susan Bodack

As a frequent vacation-goer and swimwear industry insider, I definitely do my fair share of traveling. I’ve been to a number of different beach towns around the world but Cancun, Mexico is definitely one of my favorites. Over the years, Cancun has formed a somewhat questionable reputation in terms of safety, but if you’re smart and travel wisely, you’ll have nothing to worry about except sun, sand, swimwear and what drink to order next!

is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Cancun, Mexico

 Photo by CERPA

Since my trip to Cancun was a short 4-day getaway, the beach was my number one priority. Our resort was right on the beach so my swimwear was definitely put to good use! Cancun gives new meaning to the term “white sandy beaches” and the turquoise-colored water was perfectly crystal clear. The water was warmed by sun’s rays and because the sun is so strong, even those who “rarely get sunburned” (like myself) will definitely feel its power. Don’t forget to apply and reapply the sunscreen, even under your swimwear! The water was so calm that you could even bring your drink in with you. Swimwear is typical daytime attire in Cancun so make sure to bring plenty of fashionable swimwear, cover-ups and sandals! Let me just warn you—Cancun’s beach is what turned me into a beach snob so be prepared to experience a beach that others often can’t live up to!

is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Cancun, Mexico: White sand & turquoise waters

Photo by Clausinea


is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

The beaches of Cancun, Mexico

Photo by CERPA

When night falls, it’s time to put away the swimwear and get ready to have the time of your life! Cancun really comes alive at night. The clubs are so much fun and definitely nothing like I’ve seen in the states! If you like to dance like I do, then you’ll feel right at home. Check with your resort to see if they have any excursion packages; our resort let us sign up for a “booze cruise,” which turned out to be one of our favorite nights in Cancun!

is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Cancun at night: Cancun's Hotel Zone

Photo by choheisel


is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Cancun Nightlife: The City club

Photo by Amstar-dmc

In terms of the people and safety, I felt right at home in Cancun, as everyone we met was friendly and accommodating. I felt completely safe walking around during the day and night because there are literally people everywhere. My biggest regret was going for just 4 days, as I did not get a chance to do much sightseeing. But after the amazing trip, I vowed to go back so I can really explore Cancun!

is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Coco Bongo Club, Cancun

Photo by cayman simon


is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Madonna show at Coco Bongo Club, Cancun

Photo by cvander

If you’re looking to plan your next beach getaway, somewhere to show off your swimwear or simply a place to kick back and relax, Cancun, Mexico is definitely the place to be.

is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Cancun: The place to be

Photo by Alessandro Scetta


is cancun safe | cancun is safe 2011

Colors of the Mexican Caribbean

Photo by javierfp

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