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Eric Mohl and Karen Catchpol are an American couple who are currently, in their own words, in a “independent overland road trip through the Americas, avoiding highways and focusing on byways and back roads to get to the people and places that make every dot on the map unique.”

I almost met them one time back 1 year ago or so during their drive through Cancun. Unfortunately my work agenda made it impossible, but still, I have the pleasure of knowing them through social media. They are good people and keep a blog of their adventure, where they write about the places they visit, post a lot of pictures, and much more. They recently wrote a very good post, “Top 10 Reasons to Go to Mexico (a retrospective)”, which as the title implies, is a list of reasons they’ve came up with encouraging visiting Mexico because as they say:

“We road tripped through Mexico because that’s what we do. However, no matter how you explore Mexico you’ll be glad you did because…

A couple of the reasons included in the list are:

– The beach is just the beginning

– You’ll finally learn how to drink good tequila (and mezcal)

– You won’t believe how great the hotels are

– The cultures (and culture) will floor you

And last but not least:

– You’ll have a clue what you’re talking about when the issue of tourist safety in Mexico comes up (again)

For the record: after 18 months of independent overland travel driving nearly 25,000 miles through 29 of the country’s 31 states we can report, first hand, that we have never seen or sensed any threat or danger of any kind at any point anywhere in Mexico. Period.

Here’s a link to the original post:

Mexico Top 10 Reasons to Visit | Trans-Americas Journey

Thanks to Eric and Karen for their post, and we encourage you to explore this website to read more articles showing you the reality about your safety when traveling to Cancun, Riviera Maya & Mexico in general.

Is Cancun safe? Take your time to explore this website and read what others are saying.  Judge for yourself.

Warm regards from Cancun!

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