Swine Flu (Influenza A1HN1) Fraud – Official Questioning Now Starts


Swine Flu (Influenza A1HN1) Fraud: Official Questioning Now Starts

A very strong & thought provoking article by Heidi Stevenson of Gaia Health regarding the whole 2009 Swine Flu (Influenza A1HN1) “pandemic”!

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, president of the Council of Europe’s Health Commission, was interviewed by L’Humanité about the links between Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO), and governments.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

“We have had a mild flu – and a false pandemic” says Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the chair of the Health Committee in The European Council. The German parliamentarian is also an epidemiologist and former health director in Flensburg. For that reason he has followed the H1N1-pandemic closely since June 11 and up to the present. He calls the pandemic “one of the greatest medical scandals of the century”, and for that reason he has decided to take the case to the European Council.

Dr. Wodarg discusses the fraud, the greed, and the risks placed on the populace in the travesty of the faked swine flu pandemic. The entire interview consists of one hard-hitting, to-the-point, and compelling quote after another.

These are VERY SERIOUS accusations made by a serious, official authority! I personally agree that there was a complete media scandal, that overinflated and drove to the point of absurd exaggeration this “Pandemic”. Governments, politics, and practically everyone that wanted to use the so called “Pandemic” to their personal advantage just basically did so. Sadly, politicians going on national TV “Praising” their government’s “swift reaction” to the “pandemic”, became a regular thing.

I do hope investigations are made, and when found guilty, legal actions are taken against ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED in this crime against humanity. Think “crime against humanity” is exaggerating? Well, how would you call the manipulation of information, the lying, the playing with people’s lives?

This needs to stop. WE need to stop being indifferent to the media/government manipulation! Let’s all work together and follow closely this event, and keep spreading the message to the world!

I’ll say it once again: CANCUN IS SAFE! Just as the rest of the world, it seems!

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