Is it safe to travel to Cancun? – Cancun tops ABC News "7 safe places to visit in Mexico" list


Cancun tops ABC News “7 safe places to visit in Mexico” list

Cancun is safe to travel & visit

Cancun is safe to travel & visit

Scott Mayerowitz of ABC News Travel wrote a very detailed article called “Seven Safer Places to Visit in Mexico”, with Cancun leading the list of beautiful places to discover in Mexico. The tagline says it clearly: “Most Mexican Tourist Areas Are Safe From Drug Cartel Violence” as we have said in the past.

With drug wars escalating and daily reports of murders in Mexican border towns, many American tourists have been wary to visit the warm beaches to the south.

While there are some dangers to traveling to Mexico — the State Department has issued a travel warning — most resort areas have remained immune from the drug violence and make for an easy, and often affordable, vacation.

Mexico remains the top tourist destination for Americans traveling outside the United States, with the number of international tourists arriving by air increasing by 18.8 percent this year compared with last year.

“Mexico is a really large country. Just because there might be border violence in one area, it’s like saying that there’s crime in New York so don’t go to L.A. It just doesn’t make sense,” said Anne Banas, executive editor of travel Web site SmarterTravel. “Most of the tourist areas are perfectly fine, perfectly safe. It’s the same no matter where you go, you have to go with a little common sense.

There does exist a violent war going on right now between the drug cartels and the mexican government, that is nothing to hide and everyone is well aware of this fact. However, many times situations get exaggerated to the point of the facts just not being true; as when I start reading comments on news posts and/or bulletin boards claiming that “tourists get murdered everyday in Cancun”. That is just a complete lie, and I would expect at least a source where one could verify such claims. Sadly, this is very frequently the case.

As the article says, use common sense. If a really big & dangerous situation took place, don’t you think the major media networks of the world would already be broadcasting all about it?

During your visit to Cancun, as long as you stay out of dangerous areas such as the outskirts of the city and some shady areas in Downtown Cancun, and do not get involved in any risky/illegal activities (drugs,fights,etc), you should be perfectly fine and will enjoy your days in paradise.

Enjoying paradise safely

Enjoying paradise safely

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Until next time, stay safe & warm regards from paradise!

Postcards from paradise:

The turquoise blue sea of Cancun

The turquoise blue sea of Cancun

Locals & tourists alike enjoy this paradise

Locals & tourists alike enjoy this paradise

Long, beautiful beaches are waiting for you

Long, beautiful beaches are waiting for you

Full article: Seven Safer Places to Visit in Mexico – ABC News Travel

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