Is Cancun safe for Spring Break 2012? Top 10 tips for your safety


Top 10 tips for a safe Spring Break Cancun 2012

Dear friends,

Spring Break 2012 is here and you might be wondering: Is it safe to travel to Cancun for Spring Break 2012?


Spring Break in Cancun 2011

Spring Break Cancun

Considering the current media coverage of Mexico plus the reports of drug cartel related violence, it is understandable that you might have your doubts about your safety during your stay in Cancun. We have compiled quite some good info that we have available for you to check out the real facts and figures about the safety of Cancun and Mexico in general.

We talked to Dr. Javier Olea, MD; a local Doctor in Cancun with over 30 years living and working here, and asked him about what would be the most important tips he would give to a spring breaker for a safe Spring Break Cancun 2012.

Is Cancun safe for Spring Break 2012? Although nothing can guarantee you a 100% safe vacation (not in Cancun nor at any other place in the world), we believe that by paying attention to the following tips from Dr. Javier Olea you will increase greatly your chances of only having one problem during your Spring Break in Cancun 2012: To decide where you are going to party and enjoy your time in Cancun!

Hello Spring Breaker:

Welcome to Cancun! I wish that you have a great time during your stay and enjoy our beautiful city. Here are my top 10 tips for a safe Spring Break in Cancun 2011; I hope you follow them in order to avoid having to spend time in a hospital during your vacation. However, if that is the case, please do not hesitate in doing so. Either by asking directly at your hotel for a doctor or ambulance, or by contacting me directly at 

1.- Tequila is an extremely strong alcoholic drink, and if you’re not used to it, you can get dangerously drunk and risk your life. I’ve personally seen Spring Breakers at Intensive Care Units as a result of heavy alcohol intoxication (by excessive alcohol ingestion of any kind, not just Tequila). Pay attention to your body and take care of it.

2.- Heavy alcohol intoxication can make you do acts that might put your life at risk, or get you in trouble with the law. Please watch your alcohol intake for your own safety. Also, pay attention and be on the watch, cause sadly, sometimes you can get slipped a drug into your drink at a club without noticing it. Be extremely on the watch with your drinks; it is preferred to order beer in the bottle so you can see it being opened right in front of you.

3.- All drugs are illegal in Mexico. Considering the current drug war violence, it is best to stay away from anything drug related in Cancun. Trying to score drugs during your stay will put you at an innecessary risk, please avoid it and stay safe. You are here to have fun and relax after all, get high on life instead.

4.- A really bad hangover can screw up at least 2 or even a couple more of your precious vacation days. Of course the best advice to avoid a hangover is to do not drink irresponsibly on the first place, but if you are already feeling like your head is going to explode, the best advice is to make a drink with mineral water, a little fresh lemon juice and some salt. Mix it up well and drink it, with ice or cold preferrably. In Mexico we refer to this drink as “Suero” (soo-eh-roh) and you can order it like that an most places. Food consumption should be slowly and preferrably light, only 2-3 hours after you are able to drink liquids without vomiting. Try starting with a chicken soup, chicken breasts, white rice, natural food in general; avoid junk food and anything greasy or spicy for the time being until your stomach feels better. If you continue feeling unwell, do not hesitate to ask for a doctor or feel free to contact me.

5.- Watch out for the sun! Although I understand you’re eager to soak up the sun at the beach in Cancun, if you don’t take some basic precautions you might end up with a very bad sunburn. Not a nice thing to experience during your vacation! The sun in Cancun is particularly strong, it is recommendable to avoid sun exposure during “peak hours”, around 1 to 3 p.m, it is better if you arrive early in the morning at the beach. Always use sunscreen (although please make it an eco-friendly one) and keep your skin hydrated with aloe vera or any aftersun cream after exposure.

6.- Keep your stomach in shape. Avoid eating very spicy or greasy food. It is best to avoid eating at street stands too. If you’re staying at an all inclusive hotel, try to get early to the buffets so you have the chance to take the food when it is most fresh and has been touched by less people. It is also best to stick to drinking bottled water. Even if your hotel filters its water, you never know how your body will react to the local bacteria. If you get diarrhea without vomiting, start by drinking liquids such as mineral water with lemon and salt, gatorade, apple or grape juice until you get better and can start eating solid food. Do not eat spicy or greasy food, eat fruits, yoghurt, jello, roasted chicken, vegetables, light soups, etc. If you are having diarrhea with vomiting or after 8 hours you don’t get better, seek immediate medical assistance.

7.- Be very careful when diving into a pool! I’ve seen many spring breakers with neck fractures as a result of diving into a pool they thought was deeper. Always check the depth of the pool before jumping in!

8.- Do not swim in the sea if you had something to eat in the last 2 hours. Always stay close to the shore and if possible avoid going alone into the sea. There is strong undertow at some points of the sea in Cancun that can take you off guard and pull you deep into the sea. If this happens to you and you find yourself being pulled by the undertow, DO NOT FIGHT IT, let yourself go and just try to stay afloat and shout for help. If you fight it, you will only get more distressed, tired, and risk drowning. Stay afloat and shout for help, it is your best chance. Lifeguards are on duty daily from 9am to 7pm approx. Swimming in the sea at night is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS due to the undertow being stronger and no lifeguards on sight so it’s best and safer to avoid it.

9.- If you rent a scooter, be very careful and always use a protective helmet. People in cars sometimes are not careful with people riding motorcycles; also, do not drive while drunk or under the influence of a substance, you will put your life at risk.

10.- And finally, tip #10 is: Read very carefully the previous 9 tips and follow them, so as to enjoy your Spring Break in Cancun 2011 and going back home to tell all your friends about it!

If you need any medical assistance during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Dr. Javier Olea, MD – English speaking Doctor in Cancun

Remember: You are here to have fun, just take your precautions and always use common sense. Stay safe and enjoy Spring Break 2012 in Cancun!

Spring Break Cancun 2011!

Spring Break Cancun 2012

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