8 tips for women traveling to Cancun for Spring Break 2012


Is Cancun safe for women in Spring Break 2012? Girls just wanna have fun!

Spring Break 2011 in Cancun

Spring Break 2011 in Cancun

Dear friends,

Alana Rivero, a young Mexican woman living and working in Cancun as a travel copywriter, wrote the following special tips for women coming to Cancun for Spring Break 2012. We believe that by reading them carefully and following them you’ll be able to have a safe and fun Spring Break Cancun 2012.

Stay safe and enjoy Spring Break Cancun 2012!

Dear girls coming to Cancun for Spring Break 2012!

You may be coming to Cancun with your girlfriends and plan to go out every night, drink and flirt a little. That’s OK, but it would be a good idea to consider a few things before going nuts over that cute Mexican boy you just met.

It’s not that Cancun or Mexicans are particularly dangerous for women. Not at all. But I know things can get a little out of control after a few drinks. And, let’s face it, Spring Break is all about the party.

Without further ado, here are the Cancun is Safe Spring Break 2012 Tips for women traveling to Cancun. I hope you find them useful!

The first thing you need to do before coming to Cancun for Spring Break 2011 is getting to know your crowd. Are the girls that are coming with you known for their bad experiences with alcohol? Would you trust in their judgment in deciding what’s safe or potentially dangerous? My point here is that it’s OK if they are a mess but you should always stay focused, don’t follow their lead if something feels funky. Trust your instincts. If it’s true that we have a sixth sense, this is the time to turn it on.

– One of your main objectives in this trip could be going shopping. Hitting the stores in Cancun is great because there are a lot of cool places to shop but even when the products are nice, the vendors may not be. Some of them may be very pushy, some may use their latino appeal in trying to make you enter to their store. Ignore them if you want to or buy what they offer but only if you really like it. Don’t feel awkward when saying “no”.

Always remember: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If a random guy in the street is offering to give you something without a cost, think twice about his offer. Why would he give you something for free? He doesn’t know you. Think about what he’s getting out of it.

Don’t get completely wasted the first night you go to a club. Explore the territory first. See how things get at 4 or 5 am. Realize you have nothing to worry about if you’re not the girl that is almost unconscious. You can party and get a little tipsy (even a bit drunk) and be safe if you still have control of your body and mind.

At the club, watch out for the waiters. Those guys work there every night and know how things can get when the music is loud and girls get wild. I’m not saying you should not flirt if you want to, just remember that part of their fun at work is getting girls. After all, you’re at a club. Just be prepared to say “no”.

The boy can be cute but you can buy your own drinks, right? You know how some guys take advantage of vulnerable situations and try to get something. Well, this also happen at the clubs. If you’re drunk, there’s a big chance on having a guy trying to flirt with you. Again, there’s nothing wrong with flirting but if he offers to buy a drink say no and buy it yourself or be present when your drink is prepared. Unfortunately, it has happened that illegal drugs end up slipped into drinks so please be aware of what you’re having.

A good advice is always having someone who’s not drinking the same amount of alcohol as the rest of the group. Think of this as the “designated (almost) sober girl of the night”. This would be very practical on trying to avoid dangerous situations at the street, in the taxi, at the club or at the hotel. Having a friend taking care of you and putting you into bed when you are passed out is always nice.

In general, try to always have control of your wishes, your body and your mind. Cancun is not particularly dangerous for girls but, like in any other city, things can get out of control if you get wasted and there’s no one to take you home at the end of the night.

Thanks for reading girls. Stay safe and enjoy your Spring Break 2011 in Cancun!


Girls having fun at Spring Break in Cancun 2011!

Girls having fun at Spring Break in Cancun 2012!

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