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Dear friends of Cancun,

On the issue of safety in Mexico and Cancun amidst the current drug violence, Rob Fixmer, editor of Travel Weekly, made an excellent post with a map of Mexico showing exactly the areas described in the latest USA Travel Warnings as not safe.

“The bottom line, as travel agents and wholesalers are well aware, is that all the most popular tourist areas are demonstrably safe. But just as you wouldn’t feel comfortable sending a client to certain neighborhoods of New York, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles or Dallas, there are parts of Mexico that you would be wise to have them avoid. Recognizing that expertise about any destination is a travel agent’s greatest asset, this map will continue to be updated with the most current information available.”

Is Cancun Safe 2011

(Click on the map to download a bigger version in PDF)

We did our work too, and came up with the following table showing distances from Cancun to the places mentioned in the Travel Warning.

distances from cancun to drug violence states

We hope this visual aid helps put things into perspective in the minds of travelers that might be worried about visiting Mexico. Mexico is a very large country, and while there is undeniably a current drug violence issue, it’s important to remember that Cancun is literally thousands of miles away from the spots mentioned in the latest USA Travel Warning.

We’ll continue updating this page as new information becomes available.

Stay safe, warm regards from paradise!

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